Choose from These Top 10 Ways to Meet a Man of Quality

The thing you need to remember as a woman looking for love is where to find the guys. Even though you can put in a lot of work to get them, you're not going to be successful if you don't go to the places where the single men are. To increase your odds of finding them, you need to position yourself where the kind of men you're interested in prefer to hang out. Here are some new ways to meet men and how to make your move.

Meet a Man of Quality

The Café at Your Nearest Book Store

This is the new hangout for hip singles who want to meet smart guys. If he enjoys coffee and reads one of the bestsellers on the New York Times, the odds are that you will have an intelligent conversation, and he's going to have plenty to say that's worth listening to.

Music Crosses All Boundaries

The next time you go buying an album, pay attention. Do you see a cute guy? Walk up to him and ask for his recommendation for some good music. And you can begin a discussion from there about who his favourite artist is, etc. You could be getting his number before you know it.

Ask for Fitness Tips

In the gym, work out right next to that attractive man. Ask him the kind of workout you should do. Make him recommend an exercise to get rid of love handles. If you come back to the gym regularly and throw a few smiles his way, you may soon get to have lunch or a beer or dinner with him.

Worship together

Churches have singles events that you may take part in. Enquire in your local church. Churches are no longer only for worship; they bring together like-minded persons. You never know. You may just come across your soul mate.

Go to The Park

Go to the park with a Frisbee, and you'll definitely meet a cute playmate. What you have to do is watch when a cutie comes your way and throw your Frisbee in his direction. He's going to try to catch it and throw it back. You'll be picnicking in the same park in no time.

Volunteer for A Charitable Cause

When engaging in a noble cause, grab a guy. You'll learn that you can meet real down-to-earth, sweet guys with huge hearts while you volunteer for community-building events. Contact the town hall and let them help you with events you can engage in for community growth.

Hang Out in a Fancy Clothes Shop for Men

Go to one of your favourite boutiques for guys. You'll improve the odds of finding a single guy who can afford to take you out to fun locations if the shop is upscale. Search the shop for an attractive man, and ask him to recommend your brother or dad's shirt or suit. Men love to provide advice, and you can compliment him on what he is buying or wearing.

Find a Convention Coming to Town on a Topic that Interests You

Catch them at the next convention. The best thing about these kinds of things is that you're going to find individuals who already share the same goals as you. At these events, it's easy to approach men. Find out if somewhere there's another one coming up. And you never know, you could be moving together to the next one.

Go to a Dance Class

For this idea, partner dances like salsa, swing, or tango are the best. It's most likely that the men who go to these classes are single, love the company of women, and they also go there looking to find someone. It provides an atmosphere that is simple and comfortable where men feel able to approach, chat and flirt with women.

Gaming & Sporting

There are many other places where boys hang out. You'll find a shockingly huge number of men playing in video game arcades. Men, old and young, love a good game. Live sporting games draw many men as well. You can catch them cheering for their favourite team in the stadium or sports bar.