Dating sites and match searches for men and women
Dating sites and match searches for men and women

Expanding Your Sexual Horizons With Trans Hookup Sites

Trans hookups are one of the most popular and most sought-after dating niches within the LGBT community. Whether you’re a trans man or trans woman, there are a plethora of people all vying for your attention. But where does everyone go for these hookups? Mainstream apps and sites aren’t well equipped for the tranny community. It would help if you had trans-centric sites which are specially designed to bolster and protect the community. These sites are growing more popular every day, allowing trans people and their admirer’s find romance, fun, sex, and more. To save you time and effort, we’ve gathered 5 of the best trans hookup sites for you to join. Each one boasts the best members and best user experience you’ll find anywhere online.

logo Lesbiedates


LesbieDates is the perfect hookup site for women and lesbian singles, all looking for some lady love. The site already has a growing community of supportive women who are there for each other – no matter who they are.
logo GaysTryst


As one of the most popular gay dating sites, GaysTryst is a haven for tranny singles to find love, sex and feel comfortable being themselves. One of the best parts of this site is undoubtedly its extensive matchmaking features.
logo BuddyGays


Whether it’s fun, friendship, or a little bit of everything, BuddyGays is a great trans hookup site. It has advanced search filters that make finding your dream match fun, easy, and rewarding, too.
logo SeniorsToDate


Experienced daters have one advantage over everyone else – they know exactly what they want! SeniorsToDate is full of adamant tranny lovers waiting to find a cheeky hookup or their dream romance.
logo TenderFling


If you’re looking for your next local hot hookup, then look no further than TenderFling. The site already has a community of horny trans people who are waiting to be messaged.

What is a Trans Hookup?

A tranny hookup is when you have no-strings-attached casual sex with a trans person. Often these are arranged on dating sites where both of you organize to meet and get off with one another. These sites are made for both trans men and women and the wide variety of people attracted to them. And while mainstream apps and sites are trying to be tranny-inclusive, they are not ideal, especially when organizing hookups. Trans hookup sites offer a safe, quick way of meeting transsexuals. They have tailor-made features that help you find specific types of people and real-time messaging and location-based search features that help you find local, nearby trans people. And if you’re a trans single, these sites will empower you to stand out and attract the right sort of attention without having to hide any part of you.

Are Trans Hookup Sites Safe to Join and Use?

Trans Hookup Sites

Generally speaking, trans hookup sites are just as safe and secure as your standard mainstream site. That said, sadly, in many parts of the world and our societies, it’s still not fully accepted to be trans. Some people may join these sites to abuse or troll members. Many of the best tranny hookup sites have several features and systems to protect and empower tranny users.

The most important features to become accustomed to are the block and report buttons. Use these whenever you feel uncomfortable and suspicious of an account’s true intentions. Share personal information and details on a case-by-case basis, and as mentioned above, block/report offending accounts accordingly. Ultimately, tranny hookup sites offer a great opportunity for people to meet their admirers in a safe environment. Apply common sense like you would any dating site to reap the benefits!

Are Trans Hookups Difficult for Men?

It is arguably more common to find women on hookup sites than men. For that reason, it’s easier for straight men to sign up and find suitable matches quicker than other setups. Because trans women are very popular, men need to make a good, lasting impression – and in truth, the only real difficulty of using these sites is standing out from the crowd. Because many hookup sites have no identity verification, some accounts may be suspicious or fraudulent and prey on men. While these accounts can be quite easy to spot and will ask for private and financial information, it’s always a good idea to keep your wits and common sense about you when using these sites.

How Does Registration Work for Trans Hookup Sites?

Registering for a tranny hookup site is very simple. Many of the best sites require only select information to create a profile, meaning you can signup and be rest assured your personal information and identity are secure. Many sites offer various options for signing up, including identifying as trans, as a couple, and more. Signup should take only a few short minutes, and the only thing you must provide immediately is a valid email address. You’ll most likely be able to complete your profile in your own time, though it is highly recommended you upload a profile picture to attract additional attention from members.

Our Advice for Using Trans Hookup Sites?

Benefits Trans Hookup Sites

There are some things you should keep in mind when using tranny hookup sites. Consider the following:

  • The majority of trans people who use hookup sites are women
  • Gender is separate from sexuality – before messaging a trans person, read their profile to see if you are a suitable hookup!
  • Be respectful – trans people deserve patient and understanding. Avoid asking inappropriate questions about their transition stage unless they volunteer the information.
  • Avoid using derogatory names or nicknames commonly used against trans people
  • If you are interested in a specific trans person, include this in your profile information or username.
  • State on your profile the type of connection you’re looking for. If it’s hookups, state what days you are free to meet, if you can accommodate, and where you are.

Benefits to Using Trans Hookup Sites

The main advantage of using tranny hookup sites is exposure to a minority of daters. Trans people often never use mainstream apps or sites, making finding them very difficult. It’s also hard for this persecuted minority to be open and relaxed, especially in relationships. If you are a trans person, using these inclusive sites allows you to be your authentic self and find someone suitable to you without hiding your truth. Additionally, tranny hookup sites have several advanced features, which makes finding local trans people very easy. These sites do not hide the fact they help organize hookups, meaning that you can be very open about wanting sex and the kind you are after. And because they match you with local people, you can organize an in-person meet very quickly, leading to more success and sex in your life!

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