Dating sites and match searches for men and women
Dating sites and match searches for men and women

The Best Texting Dating Sites You Can Join for Free

Whether it’s a long-term romance, a hot and horny hookup, or you’re still undecided about what you’re in the mood for, online dating has revolutionized it all. Texting dating sites are tailor-made ways for you to match, message, and meet with various sexy singles in your area. You don’t need fancy equipment to take part or spend hours researching – heck, you don’t even need to leave your own home to find a local hottie to have fun with. But with so much choice online, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve taken a careful look at who the best texting dating sites on the market are. Our list below highlights the very best free sites with no frills – just basic features that offer unmatched value and a great user-friendly experience.

logo SeniorsDate


With a simple, user-friendly design that gets you texting on your phone in minutes, SeniorsToDate boasts a vibrant community of older, experienced daters, all of whom live close by and are waiting for you.
logo FatFlirt


Dedicated to singles looking for larger-than-life love, FatFlirt is an innovative texting dating site that’s simple to join and even simpler to use. These plump members have huge sexual appetites!
logo Together2Night


Organizing your next hookup couldn’t be easier, thanks to Together2Night. The truth is in the name. One simple test could lead to a passion-fuelled night with horny members living in your area.
logo OneNightFriend


With several exciting chat features and a huge member base hungry for their next hookup, OneNightFriend has everything you need to transform a lonely night into an unforgettable adventure.
logo WantMatures


WantMatures is a cleverly designed dating site for text-savvy older daters who know exactly what they want in the bedroom. Simple to use and with quick signup, this site will have you matchmaking in under a minute.

What is Texting Dating?

A well-worded message can do wonders in any relationship. Texting dating sites rely heavily on communicating effectively, with people getting to the point and organizing everything from in-person meets to getting off with each other through messages. Despite technology advancing, it’s no wonder that texting is still the most popular and widely used way we communicate. With these texting dating sites, there’s no need for any expensive equipment or fast connection. Just patience, creativity, and a bit of imagination! But for texting to be effective, you need to join the best dating site, which offers a simple interface and has effective matchmaking features on hand. In comparison, mainstream sites and apps can be useful. They also come with many frills and features, which can easily waste your time and frustrate you further.

Is Texting Dating Safe?

Texting Dating

Generally speaking, texting dating is incredibly safe and worthwhile. The only caveat to this form of dating is sharing private and personal information recklessly with suspicious accounts. To counter this, always use common sense when talking to matches, share private details on a case-by-case basis, and never on your public profiles. Never share financial details, at any rate, with anyone.

If you are in a committed relationship or incredibly private, also consider how secure your device is. Many sites offer premium auto-history cleaning and incognito modes that allow you to send texts and browse in complete secrecy. Finally, especially if you are an older dater, it’s important to remain vigilant when talking to strange or suspicious accounts on any platform. Remember that the best sites which we’ve recommended will have extensive protection features, including block and report buttons, that you should regularly use if needed to protect yourself.

Is it Hard for Adult Men to Use Texting Dating Sites?

Texting dating sites are some of the easiest sites to use for any dater. All they require is a smartphone or device and a little imagination. You can signup as a man or woman easily enough, and there is generally a healthy ratio of genders who use these sites. That said, it’s often harder for men to stand out from the crowd as it’s often their role to message profiles first. Women usually have all the power, and their inboxes are often busy places when it comes to texting dating! For that reason, while it is slightly harder for men to use these sites, they can, of course, rise to the challenge and still reap all of the benefits we’ve mentioned already.

How Do You Register With Texting Dating Sites?

Signing up to these sites is straightforward. All you need on hand is a valid email address and basic profile information such as your gender and age. These sites will automatically use your location as the primary means for matching you with members. After signup, you’ll be asked to create a profile – you can fill in all the details in your own time. Despite these being texting sites, visuals do play a huge part. You should upload a clear profile picture to rank higher in searches and to attract attention.

Our Advice When Using Texting Dating Sites

Here are some top tips on how to easily maximize your success when using texting dating sites.

  • Read messages clearly and tailor replies thoughtfully to each member. Avoid copying/pasting template messages.
  • Spend some time expanding your profile – fill in your bio, list of interests, and upload photos/videos to your private gallery.
  • Search filters can be a useful way of avoiding unsuitable members and refining your member’s grid
  • Consider posting personals to maximize your visibility on sites throughout the day, especially if not many people are online
  • Join several sites to increase your visibility and matchmaking potential.
  • onesty is the best policy – be upfront about why you’re using the site, and expect the same in return.
  • on’t be afraid to use a site’s visual matchmaking features, such as a ‘Like Gallery’, to make connections
  • Consider upgrading your membership to enjoy premium messaging services such as sharing images/videos in chat

The Benefits to Using Texting Dating Sites

Benefits to Using Texting Dating Sites

You need not ever be lonely at home again. Thanks to the marvels of texting dating sites, there is always someone online waiting to chat with for many reasons. Whether your goal or objective, be it for friendship, long-term and long-distance romance, or fantasizing for your next hookup – the result will always be the same; success.

That’s because texting dating sites are an effective way of using your time productively. Signup is easy and free, and you can afford to join several sites at once to maximize your chances of success. And because these sites are specially designed to run smoothly and quickly on any device, you can rest assured that your time spent will be worthwhile. It’s easier now, more than ever, to log on and get off – in the comfort of your own home!

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