Dating sites and match searches for men and women
Dating sites and match searches for men and women

Best lesbian dating sites

Getting to know like-minded lesbians is just a question of choosing the outlet most suitable to your aspirations. We provide an overview of dating outlets to help your quest.

Here are recommended ways to stay safe when online dating lesbians

One of the golden rules, when you are interacting with kindred spirits on dating sites, is not to reveal too much, too soon. Always err the side of caution, especially when the person you are communicating with begins asking probing questions that seem to be irrelevant in terms of establishing a connection. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous site users out there who will post fake profiles, and then proceed to attempt to phish for personal details such as banking passwords.

logo LesbieDates


A new kid on the block, this site presents a clean, straightforward interface, and an inviting tone to newcomers and existing members alike. Easy registration via a simple online webform.
logo BeNaughty


You’ll be in charming company when you sign up for this dating site. Popular with singles seeking local dates, as well as those happy to travel further afield, you can connect with a variety of older lesbians here.
logo AshleyMadison


This dating site and its corresponding app might have been your automatic first choice a while back, but the issue with lesbian dating is there are so many dynamic alternatives.
logo WeareHer


A brash, modern-looking interface, available in desktop or app versions, the overall impression is of a forward-looking and trendy meeting place, complete with social media followers.
logo PinkCupid


A premium site designed specifically for lesbians, there are three simple steps for joining, and a wealth of links to outlets across the globe. For adventurous lesbians.

Why might you find online lesbian gay dating to be hard?

If you are relatively new to online matchmaking, you might face an odd glitch when it comes to accessing personal profiles. But if you are at all concerned about your ability to extract the optimum information about a particular site user, all you have to do is ask. These lesbian dating outlets are vibrant communities, where lesbians can interact with each other, providing support, and answering any queries newcomers might have. You can always start your time on these sites by entering the chat rooms where you can meet a diverse range of interesting and exciting members. Get involved in group discussions, and soon you’ll be able to broach any subject that has previously proved awkward.

Have you come across these lesbian dating stereotypes?

  • All lesbians fall into one category.
  • Lesbians are different from ‘normal people.
  • Lesbians can’t have any religious faith.
These, and many more you might have heard, are all so untrue. The truth of the matter is, the LGBT community is diverse and vibrant – so make the most of these websites.

Have you ever encountered bad advice for lesbian dating?

If anyone has ever said to you, you’ll never meet your ideal buddy by joining a dating site, within a few minutes of actually doing so, you’ll discover that the opposite is likely to be the case.

Check out this trustworthy dating advice for lesbians

  • One of the best pieces of advice to give you is not to jump the gun when it comes to arranging a liaison with someone you’ve met in the virtual environment. It’s all very well to establish a strong rapport with someone when you are communicating via your computer connection.
  • But when you meet in a face-to-face situation, you need to take some precautions. When you are planning your initial date, always aim to meet somewhere public. Whether this is a cinema, restaurant, bar, or coffee shop, just make sure you are going to be surrounded by other people (while still choosing a secluded corner where you can get to know each other with a subdued conversation!)
  • Don’t think about meeting on forest trails or tranquil public parks until you have got to know this person.

Are you a fan of lesbian dating? Trust your instincts

Never be worried about speaking your mind for fear of what you’ve said offending. If your gut feeling tells you that you’re being misled on a dating site, it’s up to you to fight your corner. Sometimes your instincts are valuable indicators of what happens to be true.

Don’t get stuck in the past while interacting with single lesbians

Perhaps you’ve had less than successful experiences when hanging out in Aussie lesbian bars, or using other websites? Don’t be disheartened, and never dwell on the negatives.

Do you appreciate these benefits of online lesbian dating?

Perhaps you have previously attempted to connect with potential dates in offline scenarios such as bars, social functions, or nightclubs known to be popular with a lesbian clientele? If you have yet to connect with someone worthwhile, this will have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with choosing the wrong outlets for getting to know individuals. Dating sites provide a relaxing and comfortable environment where you can exchange messages, gradually developing a sense of chemistry.

Learn more about who you are after joining a lesbian site

So many lesbians who sign up to matchmaking sites will describe how they discovered aspects of their personality they were previously unaware of. These outlets are terrific if you happen to be slightly shy or hesitant when it comes to interacting with strangers.

Use some of our favorite conversation starters for single lesbians

A common question arising is what might be typical conversation starters for breaking the ice? A similar situation might arise when you are interacting in the online environment with someone you are attracted to, and who you wish to make a strong impression on.
  • Don’t ask closed questions that will only result in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses. It would be a far better idea to introduce subjects that will get them chatting.
  • So your starter could be to enquire about what their favorite hobbies are. Think of universally popular interests, such as movies, TV shows, or cuisine.
Mature dating
Mature dating

If you check out the websites we’ve put under our spotlight, you’ll come across some fantastic mature partners for relationships.

Milf dating
Milf dating

It has never been easier to seek out mature, sensual mothers eager for romantic connections. All these sites welcome newcomers.

Cougar dating
Cougar dating

If you’re eager to find an appropriate partner for an age-gap relationship, feast your eyes on beautiful older women online.

Casual dating
Casual dating

We can provide you with pointers towards the most recommended dating sites for you to start flirting with like-minded lesbians.

Black dating sites
Black dating sites

It’s easy to connect with black lesbian singles once you know the best outlets for this form of romantic interaction.

Gay dating sites
Gay dating sites

With so many single-sex dating outlets to choose from, we’ve made it so much simpler to narrow down your shortlist.