Learn The Top 10 Ways to Be a More Attractive Man

Most guys have zero ideas about how to be attractive to women. The most important thing to remember here is that it's not just about looking attractive. You need a whole body of individuality that can help you move up the attractiveness scale and give you success with women in the long run.

Begin with a good look in the mirror, and go ahead with these 10 ways to be a more attractive man.

More Attractive Man

Groom Yourself Well

You need to present an impeccable look. Ensure that you are safe, presentable, and worth checking out while you're in the club or wherever you are. Making sure you look great and smell good is just the first step to being more desirable.

Be Confident

Don't let your insecurities get at you. Instead, present overwhelming confidence, and compel it to become a part of you when approaching women. Remember, something worth getting has to be presented well and make sure it's not going to be something that they can quickly dismiss.

Put Your Life Together

Ensure that all areas of your life are neatly going ahead, as opposed to presenting your best foot forward for the moment. If you "settle" for things, the women will know instinctively that instead of facing life in a meaningful way, you are just posing.

Stay a Winner

Are you actually embracing your destiny and trying to make the most of it? Or are you thinking 'no!' and finding a way around it? If you really want to be attractive, you ought to maintain a mentality of no escape, no surrender! If you push right past the rejections you're going to receive from women (and life in general) and still have the guts to keep moving on, then you have the mentality that makes a difference.

Be Passionate

It is such a turn-on to see a man have something he enjoys doing. Why do you think that women love guys who are excited about playing the guitar and making music? You can naturally attract more people into your world when you have the enthusiasm and can show it in any way. Passion is also something that drives you forward as you face tough times. Find a passion, and you're going to find women who enjoy what you're doing.

Be Independent

Often, being a single independent means, you are not waiting for women's approval of how to act. You make choices of your own, and you do not need anyone to tell you what to do. If you want to be attractive, be independent and take the lead. Give a woman choices, and she will let you know if she doesn't want them.

Be Authentic

If you've already tackled the attitude part, the next item high on the list should be authentic. What this means is that you must be in harmony with your feelings and actions. Everything you do and say is meant to come off as sincere. When you do not hesitate to say or do things you believe are right, you are genuine.

Be Purposeful

In life, a man needs to have a purpose. Do something about you that has meaning. Women have no love for a man that lacks meaning. She wants to know you've got a mission, and you're not going to break from it. It's irresistible to have a man who can't be pushed from his course.

Attract them by Ignoring them

Well, you're not exactly ignoring them in this situation, you're just going to be somewhat aloof, and then you're naturally projecting a very assured male charm. You will signal to her by doing this that you have other more important things to do, and she will be attracted ever more to you. It is just human nature to desire something hard to get.

Be Mysterious

When talking with women, you should still retain a sense of mystery. Whenever the conversation turns to yourself, smartly wander away to another subject to raise their interest in you. You create an aura of suspense and heighten the sexual tension by not telling too much about yourself.