Dating sites and match searches for men and women
Dating sites and match searches for men and women

Posting for Love – The Best Free Gay Personals Sites to Explore

Personals are a classic way of finding love, lust, and a good time. Gay personal sites are specially designed to help the LGBT+ community find suitable matches and horny fun with one another. Gay men and women post about their innermost desires, waiting to catch their dream match. The benefit of posting personals is that you’re guaranteed to reach a wide audience of curious people, all of whom are living close by in your area. But lots of different sites claim to be safe havens for free gay personals. To save you lots of time and energy, we’ve hand-picked 5 of our favorite free gay personal sites and services for you to try.

logo Together2Night


The truth is in the name. Together2Night is your one-stop destination for all things personals and hookups. The site has incredible search filters that make pinpointing your specific type of man feel effortless.
logo OneNightFriend


Looking for hungry hunks who are horny for a hookup? OneNightFriend is a casual hookup site with hundreds of local gay personals for you to shift through. A fun night is almost guaranteed!
logo Fatflirt


The bigger the fruit, the juicer the taste! FatFlirt is dedicated to larger-than-life people finding their perfect match. It’s so well designed that making matches is quick, easy, and immediate.
logo WantMatures


Fancy some experience in the bedroom? WantMatures is tailor-made for older gays to come together, date, and hook up with one another. Easy to join and easy to use – it’s a match made in heaven.
logo IWantBlacks


If ebony men are your particular fancy, then you need to join IWantBlacks. With an abundance of black gay personals and hot, horny profiles for you to peruse, you’re guaranteed to find great men here.

What Are Free Gay Personals?

As one of the oldest and most popular forms of dating, gay personals are the perfect way for you to find love, lust, and fun - quickly and cheaply! Although mainstream dating apps and sites claim to be welcoming for gay personals, you need to join tailor-made LGBT+ dating sites to get the best results. That way, you’re more likely to find honest, open, and out men who are comfortable sharing personal details and their innermost desires in their personals. Men use personals for a variety of reasons. Some want friendship, others horny fun. Some are in the closest and just curious to experiment. Regardless, personals are an effective way to meet new men in your locality – and who knows, maybe the man of your dreams?

Is it Safe to Use Free Gay Personals?

Gay Dating

As with any dating service, there are some reservations you should observe to safeguard you and your information. Especially when using free gay personals, you must consider those homophobic people who may join to troll and abuse members. As a general rule of thumb, when posting a personal, you should not include private information as no guarantee will read it. This is especially important to factor in if you are still in the closet and are in a committed relationship.

You can always share intimate information in private messages. Similarly, if viewing personals, be conscious of your browsing history and messaging anonymous personals – after all, they could still be anyone, even someone you know in real life. Each site we recommend has effective blocking and reporting features, which, when used, will go to great lengths in protecting you while you browse.

Are Free Gay Personals Hard for Adult Men to Use?

If you’re an adult man curious about using these sites – fear not! You’re in the safe company! The majority of people who use sites dedicated to personals are adult men. What’s more, there’s great variety on personals, where men range from gay and bisexual to those still in the closet and curious to explore their sexuality in private. Many of these sites use a ‘tribe system’ where you can label your profile (e.g., twink, daddy, bear, etc.) to find suitable matches quickly. Personals sites are one of the easiest methods to use when looking for matches, meets and more. You don’t need fancy equipment like a webcam or microphone, or fast Internet to run these sites. And if you’re on the senior end of the dating spectrum and worry about if these sites are difficult to use, again, your worries are unfounded.

How Do You Register for Free Gay Personals?

One of the best selling points of free gay personals sites is how easy they can register for. For example, the recommendations we’ve provided only require basic profile information to register with, such as a valid email address and your age. After that, you’re good to go! What’s more, each of these sites offers the very best of their services for free. You don’t need to spend a penny during registration! Personals sites are well designed and mobile-optimized, meaning you can register on your smartphone without a costly data bill either and continue to use the site while on the move.

Our Advice When Finding Free Gay Personals

 Free Gay Personals

We have some top tips to help maximize your chances of success when posting or reading gay personals. When reading personals:

  • Tailor each message specifically to that person – don’t copy and paste messages/replies.
  • Be confident and proactive – if you see someone you like, send them a flirty ice-breaker message!
  • Ensure you have a complete profile so that matches can learn about you, too.
  • Use the site’s search filters to eliminate unsuitable matches to save yourself time.
  • Utilize all of the site’s matchmaking facilities to find attractive men, including ‘like’ buttons, galleries, and flirty ice-breaker messages.
  • Be patient – if you haven’t found an attractive person, consider joining several free sites to maximize your reach.

If posting a personal:

  • Honesty is the best policy state openly what kind of relationship you are looking for and what you’re expecting
  • If looking for a hookup, list when and where you’re available and if you can accommodate.
  • Consider uploading clear profile pictures to attract attention and stand out
  • Be patient, and reply promptly to any member messages.

The Benefits of Using Free Gay Personals

Free gay personal sites have revolutionized how members of the LGBT+ community can find love, fun, and sex – and how quickly, too. By their very nature, personals are incredibly versatile and flexible – members post what they are looking for, being as upfront and honest as possible to attract suitable men in their area. And with incredibly high success rates, too! Because these sites all use your location as the primary means of showcasing personas, the messages you read will all be from local men living close by. And once you post a personal, it may stay up there indefinitely for you to reap the benefits. The only thing left for you to do is reach out, reply and plan your next fun adventure with the local hottie.

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