5 Types of Sugar Daddy Relationships That Rock

In the field of online dating, sugar daddy dating sites have found their own niche. Despite the historically negative connotation of the term "sugar daddy," which usually means an older wealthy man is searching for a younger woman in return for companionship or sex, more and more eligible singles are flocking to what has become recognised in dating circles as a fantastic way to achieve both financial security and date a great man at the same time. Here we have identified five different types of sugar daddy relationships. If you're a sugar baby and want to learn more about dating them, this is a great place to start.

5 Types of Sugar Daddy Relationships That Rock

The Classy and Wealthy Sugar Daddy

This daddy had his wealth handed down to him by his grandparents and parents and is an educated, classy, elegant, and influential person. Though he has status more than anybody else, he doesn't like to flaunt it or show off his wealth either. But you can tell he is super-rich from the way he interacts with people and the way they are in awe of him. However, one downside of dating this sugar daddy is that he won't be announcing in public that he has a sugar baby relationship going on. He would like to keep the arrangement discreet, which you may or may not like.

The Flamboyant Sugar Daddy

This daddy was a rich baby right from when he was born, and his parents were wealthy. But he has established himself professionally and loves to draw attention to himself by flaunting his money and status. He also likes to show off his sugar baby, which is intended to prove that he is still attractive to a younger woman. He wants people to know that this man is hot, powerful, and wealthy. The upside to dating this sugar daddy is that you get to go to fancy parties as his arm candy. There is a downside as well. He won't be interested in you unless you're mind-blowingly gorgeous.

The Nouveau Riche Sugar Daddy

This daddy wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has made his way in the world through his hard work and talents. This wealthy man is completely self-made, probably an entrepreneur. He believes that he deserves fame, status, and acceptance by society. His clothes and accessories are all branded and high-end fashion, and you can see the designer logos everywhere around him. He wants to show off his new money. Thinking of dating this kind of a sugar daddy? Well, you better brush up your knowledge of designer dresses, bags, and shoes as well. He will want his sugar baby to impress the hell outta everyone, too.

The Celebrity Sugar Daddy

This daddy is a well-known and famous person. It's most likely that he is a multiple-time divorcee. He loves being adored by younger women and is addicted to the sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement. Dating a celebrity sugar daddy can be a little stressful if you are a private person and don't like being in the spotlight. The paparazzi will probably be following you everywhere you go. What's more, your picture and personal details will likely be getting published in tabloids seven days a week. If you like all this attention and lap it up, go ahead by all means and start dating this daddy. However, if you find this unappealing and it even scares you a little, you should think again and opt for another type of sugar daddy.

The Roller Coaster Sugar Daddy

This daddy keeps going up and down in life, just like on a roller coaster. Now he is a multimillionaire, and now he is bankrupt – you know the kind? It is most likely that he has already gone bankrupt a few times this far in his life. But right now, he is super-rich and busy showing off that wealth. He is fascinated by the idea of dating a sugar baby who is young and sexy. This sugar daddy wants his love life to be as exciting as his professional life, so you better be prepared for a bumpy ride and hold on tight if you're interested in dating this daddy.