10 Signs How to Know When It's Time to End a Relationship

Nobody wants to be in a situation where, particularly if it's a long-term relationship, they've to end it. That is the most painful experience to have. When you have a relationship that's about to end, it's best to sever the ties as fast as you can. All you're going to experience if you put it off any longer is a lot of unhappiness and turmoil. Here are 10 signs of letting you know if it's time to end your relationship!

Time to End a Relationship

You Spot Your Partner Lying or Cheating

It's not a good sign at all if someone does not even value you enough as a human to be truthful and connect with you. How you treat finding out about your partner's infidelity is a very personal matter, especially if it has happened already. If your partner has displayed a pattern of repeated infidelities or doesn't appear to sympathise with the suffering that results, it's definitely time to call it off.

You Have to Walk On Eggshells

It hurts that your partner is always on their toes to judge and criticise you for the tiniest little personal stuff about you. They really can't afford to let it go, even though you apologise for hurting your partner. That's totally nuts. You deserve better than that.

Repeated Insincere Apologies

Your partner knowingly tells you hurtful or disrespectful things but apologises almost instantly. An insincere apology is no apology at all. Part of saying sorry is attempting to try not to repeat the thing about which you are sorry.

Violence or Abuse of Any Sort

Whether this is mental or physical, it doesn't matter. It's a warning that you need to get out of your relationship as quickly as possible. If you're searching for a single sign to terminate a relationship, this is it. It's as simple as that.

They Are Completely Self-Centred

Your partner constantly talks about themselves while ignoring you entirely. There seem to be a false sense of entitlement, unrealistic expectations, and vanity accompanying this. Things get only worse with time. When they finally get bored of you, you're just going to be thrown to the side.

People Keep Warning You About Your Partner

Everybody in your family and friends warns you that the relationship is a failure, but you want to find allowances for your partner's bad actions. However, this can be unwise. Love can truly make us blind, and finding someone who has a more critical perspective on your case is good.

You're Trying to Break Up, But They Absolutely Flip Out

A pledge of an improvement normally accompanies this. But they will do just enough for a fleeting amount of time to persuade you of their improvement. People who do this are regular manipulators. They are just trying to appeal to your sympathies. But this is beyond painful; this is madness.

When It Comes to Your Relationship, You Find Yourself Living in The Past

The present conditions are forgotten, and you recall the "good old times," hoping that it will be like that again. This is a myth. Everyone is on their best behaviour at the outset of a relationship. It is only through experience and challenges over time that you can figure out truly who you are working with.

Lack of Touch in Physical Form

An indication that you are very close to your partner in a relationship is when they physically touch you almost all the time when you are together. The opposite is a sign that the relationship is about to end. So if you get close to your partner, but they don't want to be kissed, or they're pushing you away, then it's a clear indication that this relationship is finished.

Lack of Communication

For any kind of relationship, good communication is an important ingredient. If you can't communicate well or don't listen to any of your issues, this can indicate the end of the relationship. Partners have to listen to each other with attention and affection. If you don't, then there is no relationship at all.