10 Cheesy Pick-up Lines to Catch a Girl's Attention

Dating beautiful girls call for the use of pick-up lines, sure, but why do they have to be cheesy? Simply because it will make the girl smile and have fun!

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10 Cheesy Pick-up Lines to Catch a Girl's Attention

Who said women hate cheesy pick-up lines? They love them!

There are various types of pick-up lines, but the bulk of them are garbage. When it comes to picking up girls, they can seem simple and a shortcut to use, but unfortunately, most of them are useless. Have you ever wondered what she would think when you tell her your pick-up line? It's a very sensitive topic. Many men tend to know what the right pick-up lines are; the issue is that all pick-up lines are effective in every manner. The issue comes from the method of delivery. For them to work, pick-up lines have to be said in a particular manner. You need to be positive about using them and look confident when you use them on a girl.

Cheesy pick-up lines have been in use for quite some time now, and some still operate, oddly. While some men think these kinds of lines aren't going to work at all, some people can show that they've been using them, and they've been able to launch a decent conversation with a beautiful girl at a restaurant or club. It depends on how you launch the dialogue to please a girl, and it is best to convey the lines correctly, with confidence, and stop being sleazy on most occasions. There are plenty of great pick-up lines to use - some are corny, some are sweet, but you can make her happy with the right words and body language regardless of what sort of line it is.

Remember to follow the lines with a smile or a mischievous grin to avoid being ignored when saying any of these lines. This is one way to say you were kidding, and you tried to make her happy and talk to her. Typically, girls would get your smiles, and they may even love to talk to you if they see that you're serious in your smile and that at that very moment, you wanted to talk to them. The very reality that many men are not sure about is one of the reasons that some of these pick-up lines are overlooked - then don't do it if you're not confident about the lines! You want to attract and please the girl, but how is she going to do that if you don't feel that your pick-up lines will work?

As long as you have delivered it correctly and as long as you know how to follow each line with a sweet smile, you can certainly grab her attention and be able to get her talking to you during the night, no matter how cheesy your pick-up lines are.

Check below if you're missing some good vocabulary and you need any lines to use. There are thousands, and maybe millions, of pick-up lines, some of which are humorous, some of which are dirty, most of which don't work. Here are the top 10 best pick-up lines that are assured to work at all times.

    Pickup Line #1 –
  • "Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!"
    Pickup Line #2 –
  • "One moment, please. I think you should buy me a drink." [She is going to say, "Really? Why?"] "Because I dropped my drink when you caught my eye. It was a gin and tonic, and I'm [Chris]".
    Pickup Line #3 –
  • "My friends have been voting, and you won! They've just voted you the most beautiful girl in the room."
    Pickup Line #4 –
  • "Hey, you're super-hot, Babe! You're burning up my atmosphere! May I buy you a drink?"
    Pickup Line #5 –
  • "You're under arrest for stealing my heart."
    Pickup Line #6 –
  • "Apart from being so gorgeous, may I know what you do for a career?"
    Pickup Line #7 –
  • "Go ahead, feel my shirt. It's made of boyfriend material!"
    Pickup Line #8 –
  • "You leave me breathless; it's a good thing you're an expert at CPR."
    Pickup Line #9 –
  • "What! Aren't you tired? (why?) Well, because I've had you running through my head right from when I saw you."
    Pickup Line #10 –
  • "Are you a camera? Because I start smiling whenever I look in your direction."