Honesty is the Best Policy in Senior Dating
Seniors DatingMore and more people of the older generation are turning to online senior dating as a way of meeting new friends, and maybe even that special someone. In days gone by many thought that online dating websites were merely for younger people, or those who were particularly savvy with the Internet.
But now, senior dating online is becoming more popular than ever. So why is this the case?Research from a company called Senior Discounts has found that around a third of over 50s have used – or would use – an online dating site. In addition, around 15% of adults know someone who has found love online, and is now in a long-term relationship or even married. So you’re in good company.

The most common factor as to why dating for seniors has become so popular is the honesty of older people. There is a belief that the younger generation ‘stretch the truth’ when it comes to filling in their profile on a dating website. Whether that is their job, income or even their marital status, the Internet gives people the opportunity to create a new persona that makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. Some will even download a photo off of the web and pretend that that is them!

A study by the Bowling Green State University in Ohio however, has found that ‘silver surfers’ are far less likely to lie about themselves in order to find love on the Internet. They are far more likely to put up a genuine image, and describe themselves with gentle language such as ‘young at heart’ and ‘active’.Older dating site users are also far more realistic in what they are looking for, and focus on finding a long-term companion rather than a casual partner for a quick fix. This is perhaps why senior dating websites such as Senior Match are proving to be more and more popular.

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